Whether it’s a new car or a used one you are buying, test driving is a vital part of the buying process. To enable an informed purchase decision, here are a few tips from Gathunkaaru.com that will tell you exactly what to look for while on a test drive.

  • Research and shortlist the vehicles: Shortlist vehicles that meet your criteria and budget. Fix an appointment for a test drive. In case you wish to check out more than one car, it’s best to test drive all of them on a single day so that you can compare between each experience easily.

  • Take a friend along: Take a friend or family member along for a second opinion and also for safety. 

  • Examine the exteriors: Walk around the car and inspect it visually first. In case of used cars, check the vehicle’s body for dents, cracks or rust. Also check the tires for remaining tread life and signs of uneven wear. See if the indicators, brake lights and other lights are working.

  • Turn on the engine: Let the car idle for a few minutes and listen for any unusual noise like rattling, clicking, or whining.

  • Check the dashboard: Check for warning lights and see if the gauges work. Once the car warms up, the temperature gauge should be at the centre. If it is nearer to ‘hot’, it means the car may be overheating.

  • Examine the interiors: Check whether the radio, AC, heating, etc. are in working condition. See whether the seats are comfortable enough and whether you have enough head room when you are seated. Check whether all the seat adjustments work. 

  • Safety features: Check out the safety features such as air bags and seat belts. 

  • Drive on: It is best to choose a route with stop-and-go traffic, to check the condition of the brakes. Check how the car handles potholes and rough roads. Always keep your ears open for any troubling noise coming from the car. Take u-turns to check the turning radius and ease of steering.

  • Check the smoothness on high speeds: Take the car to a highway where you can check the acceleration and smoothness of gears. You will also know how stable the car feels on high speeds, and whether the car pulls to one side. Switch lanes to see how the steering reacts at high speeds.

  • Locate the car’s blind spots: This is important for any car you are test driving – a new one or a pre-owned one. Check the visibility from the driver’s seat. Set the mirrors and use your windows during driving to evaluate the visibility factor, as it is crucial for your safety and that of your passengers’. 

  • Park the car: Check the maneuverability of the car during parallel parking. Check the responsiveness of the vehicle and pedals in reverse gear.

Once you are satisfied with the test drive, request for a vehicle history report and have the car examined by a mechanic before finalizing the deal.

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