Buying a car can be a daunting process. Buying a used car can be even more so.

A car means a big investment.  And it better be a good one!

There are multiple misconceptions related to buying pre-owned cars, which leads many buyers to settle for new cars which were not originally their choice due to budget constraints. However, pre-owned cars can prove to be valuable assets if chosen with care. Cars that are well maintained can look and function like new ones! brings you top 5 misconceptions associated with buying a used car, and the facts regarding the same. 

Myth#1: Used cars have problems.
People sell cars for multiple reasons, not just when a car is getting old or is in bad condition. The owner might be moving abroad, or may have upgraded to a higher segment, or simply has bought an electric car! The reasons may be diverse. 

Nowadays, most car owners maintain a service record, or get their vehicles serviced by authorized service centers that provide full vehicle history for added value. 

Myth#2: Used cars give lower mileage and have high maintenance costs.
The mileage and reliability of a car does not depend on the fact whether it is used or new. The fuel economy of a car solely depends on the engine capacity and regular maintenance. Buying a well maintained used car is the key here!

Many times, a car may still be under manufacturer’s warranty, or it is possible to buy extended warranty. In such cases, even servicing and maintenance becomes much affordable.

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Myth#3: A new car is more profitable than a used car.
The depreciation of a new car is around 30 per cent in the very first year and is about 60 per cent in 5 years’ time. On the other hand, the rate of the depreciation is low on a used car plus you save on various taxes which have already been borne by the person who bought it first.

Myth#4: The lesser the kilometers on a pre-owned car, the better is the deal.
The car engine, as in the case of any mechanical object, needs regular usage and maintenance for proper functioning. A car’s efficiency depends on how the car has been handled and maintained. Cars that have been idle for long will need to be serviced extensively before it can run smoothly and efficiently once again. 

Myth#5: There is no way to know whether the car you are buying is worth it.
Any certified and experienced mechanic will be able to tell whether a car has been well taken care of during its lifespan. It shows if the previous owner ignored dashboard warning lights, skipped oil changes, or did not go in for regular servicing. Get the car inspected by an experienced mechanic for damages, repairs, rust spots, engine condition, etc. before buying.– the country’s leading vehicle trading portal - can help you find a reliable car of your choice in Maldives. The site offers a wide range of pre-owned vehicles and imported vehicles to suit your requirements. You can find not just vehicles, but also insurance, loans and spares for your cars at pocket-friendly prices. So, the next time you think of cars, bikes, or trucks, visit for the best deals from the comfort of your home!